KE+ Electronic Engine Controls: Prices are Low – Don't be Slow!

NHK MEC KE5+ Electronic Engine Control Kits

NHK MEC KE5+ Electronic Engine Control Kits

The NHKMEC KE5+ electronic engine control used to operate electronic shift and throttle with precision. The KE5+ control system can use up to 4 stations + 1 handheld remote. The add a station kit is used in conjunction with the complete engine control system.

A New Direction for the KE+ Line:

Seatech Marine Products, Inc. is proud to be the official North American distributor for NHK MEC KE+ electronic engine control systems. Formally distributed by SeaStar Solutions, the KE-5a and KE-5+ systems are one of the most well established and reliable engine controls the marine industry has seen. The older generation controls may also be commonly known as but not limited to: TeleflexMorse, Morse, Teleflex, SeaStar KE4P08. Our mission statement and vision is to educate, provide competitive pricing, and ensure our customers that we can meet their demands.

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