NHK MEC KE752 KE7+ Single Station Dual Engine Kit - Chrome w/ Composite Handles

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NHK MEC KE752 KE-7+ Single Station Dual Engine Kit - Chrome Control Head with Composite Handles

The NHKMEC KE-7+ KE752 Kit is an electronic engine control system for dual electronic shift and mechanical throttle engines. The smooth shifting between gears and the throttle response makes this system a must have upgrade over older mechanical controls. The KE-6+ electronic engine control system is also perfect for a new installation in leisure boats to commercial fishing vessels. 

Why You Should Consider Purchasing the KE+ Electronic Engine Control System:

  • Great for new installations or replacing mechanical controls
  • Will save your engine's transmission with smooth gear shifting
  • Adds immense value to one of the most important functions of your marine vessel
  • You won't want to go back to mechanical engine controls!


  • The easiest and quickest to install electronic engine control system
  • Additional Set-up tool is not required
  • Up to 4 Stations - plus 1 handheld
  • Mechanical Back-Up
  • Neutral warm up function
  • Start in gear protection
  • Shift and throttle actuator are in the same unit
  • Compact and ergonomic control head


  • 12 or 24v DC - Input Voltage
  • 16A peak/ 5A typical Current consumption
  • Operating thruster 147N
  • Maximum Workload 343N
  • Shift Travel 40mm Max each (fwd, rev) - adjustable
  • Throttle Travel - 80mm Max - adjustable

What Comes In the KE752 Kit:

  • 1x NM1052-00 Single Handle Chrome Control Head with Trim and Tilt integrated button - composite handle
  • 2x NM2447-00 KE7+ Control Unit 12/24V
  • 2x NM0199-00 KE7+ Actuator
  • 1x NM0647-09 T-Harness (R/C-1) with Terminators
  • 2x NM0640-10 Shift Harness 10 meter (5m also available)
  • 1x NM0647-12 T-Harness (Port) with Terminator 
  • 1x NM0647-13 T-Harness (Stbd) with Terminator
  • 2x NM0667-00 KE-6/7+ - Actuator Harness
  • 4x NM0414-33 Power Harness - 10M
  • 1x Control Head Buzzer 12v or 24vDC

What Else Is Needed?

  • 2x Bus Harness (NM0649-xx) Sold in lengths 2m-30m (in 2m intervals)



CAUTIONS: Bus harness must not exceed 80m in total length.

A New Direction for the KE+ Line:

Seatech Marine Products, Inc. is proud to be the official North American distributor for NHK MEC KE+ electronic engine control systems. Formally distributed by SeaStar Solutions, the KE-4a and KE-4+ systems are one of the most well established and reliable engine controls the marine industry has seen. The older generation controls may also be commonly known as but not limited to: TeleflexMorse, Morse, Teleflex, SeaStar KE4P15. Our mission statement and vision is to educate, provide competitive pricing, and ensure our customers that we can meet their demands.

Contact us: Speak with our KE+ expert today: Contact Page.

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