Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe 12VDC 6.3GPH Marine Watermaker VT150D

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80.00 LBS
  • Ventura 150 VT-150-D-12
  • Watermaker layout diagram VT-150-D-12
  • Deluxe Panel and Pre-filter Housing Sizing Chart
  • Spectra Clark Pump, and feed pump module sizing chart
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Spectra VT-150-D-12 Ventura 150 12VDC Marine Watermaker 150GPD/6.3GPH 

The Spectra Ventura 150 deluxe is manufactured to be energy efficient, lightweight, compact and produce 6.3GPH of fresh drinking water. The VT-150D can be installed in confined spaces due to it's compact modular design. It is without electronics, only the prime pump uses electricity. It has an analog monitoring panel, pvc selector ball valves and a handheld TDS Meter.

  • Lower power consumption - Can be powered with alternative energy
  • Whisper quiet
  • Marine grade diaphragm pumps with run-dry protection
  • Designed to operate efficiently from the Arctic to the Equator
  • Z-Ion Compatible
  • System includes complete unit, handheld TDS tester, plumbing, set of filters, product sample valve
  • 6.3gal (24l) every hour
  • 150gal (568l) a day
  • 60lbs (27.22kg)
  • 9amps @ 12VDC
Every Ventura 150 Deluxe system includes:
  • Seawater strainer
  • Pre-filter housing with 5 micron filter element
  • Feed water pump with heat sink and cooling fan
  • Composite High Pressure Pump
  • One 20 inch high rejection/high yield spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane and Spectra free flow ultra efficient high pressure vessel assembly
  • Spectra Pump and membrane housing mounted and plumbed together with mounting brackets
  • Accumulator
  • Manual fresh water flush system with 3-way valve with for cleaning and flushing procedures (automatic fresh water flush available on MPC units)
  • Charcoal filter and housing
  • 50 ft. reinforced sea water hose
  • 25 ft. Low pressure product tubing
  • All requred tube fittings and hose clamps
  • One SC-1 storage chemical
  • Complete installation and operation manual
  • Warranty registration card
Downloads Section: Ventura 150 Deluxe Installation Manual [PDF] Ventura 150 Deluxe Data Sheet [PDF]
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Customers usually purchase the following with their watermaker:
  • Spectra Cruising Kit A
    • 6x Five micron pleated pre-filters
    • 1x Fresh water flush carbon filter cartridge
    • 2x SC-1 storage compounds
  • Z-ion Add On
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Spectra Ventura 150 Deluxe Dimensions for each component
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Warranty Information

Warranty Policy and Procedures The goal at Spectra Watermakers is to continue to provide excellent customer service and technical support to our customers and distributors around the globe. Spectra Watermakers is not responsible for equipment that fails due to faulty or poor installation. Distributors, their dealers, and installers are responsible for ensuring that the installation is correct and that the system is tested before turning the product over to the end user. All systems are shipped with a Quality Control sheet detailing the performance of the complete system at the time it left the factory. A separate checklist is included to ensure that the system is properly commissioned. Spectra Watermakers offers a one (1) year parts and labor warranty against all manufacturer's defects in the system. The Clark Pump is covered by a two (2) year manufacturers warranty against all defects in material and workmanship. Normal wear and tear through extensive use; or failed components due to improper or negligent use are not covered by this warranty.
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