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Spectra Watermakers Ventura 200 12V MPC

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80.00 LBS
  • Ventura 200 MPC Spectra Watermaker
  • MPC Panel and Pre-filter Housing Sizing Chart
  • Spectra Clark Pump, and feed pump module sizing chart
  • Watermaker layout diagram
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The Ventura 200 system produces 200 gallons per day / 8.3 gallons per hour (757 lpd / 31lph)

Designed for use in waters 50° F or 10° C or higher

Every Ventura 200 system includes:

  • Stainless Steel high pressure plumbing
  • Seawater strainer
  • Pre-filter housing with 5 micron filter element
  • Feed water pump with heat sink and cooling fan
  • Composite Spectra High Pressure
  • One 20 inch high rejection/high yield spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane and Spectra free flow ultra efficient high pressure vessel assembly
  • Spectra Pump and membrane housing mounted and plumbed together with mounting brackets
  • Accumulator
  • Manual Fresh water flush system with 3-way valve for cleaning and flushing procedures (automatic fresh water flush available on MPC units)
  • Charcoal filter and housing
  • 50 ft. reinforced sea water hose
  • 25 ft. Low pressure product tubing
  • Instrument panel with feed water pressure gauge and product flow meter
  • Hand-held Salinity monitor
  • All required tube fittings and hose clamps
  • One SC-1 storage chemical
  • Complete Installation and operation manual
  • Warranty registration card


The MPC version also includes:

  • Pre-filter housing with 20 micron filter element
  • MPC-5000 electrical control box with changeover switch to manual operation
  • MPC-5000 LCD display and remote control panel with 50 foot control cable
  • Automatic fresh water flush system with charcoal filter
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